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RIDER OF THE WEEK – Kristian House


Kristian was born in England, grew up in Austin, Texas, moved to Belgium at 18 to race and now he’s ended up back in the UK. He currently rides for the British team Rapha Condor Sharp and was the British National Champion of 2009. He’s a great team player as well as a great winner. He’s also known as ‘The House of Pain’ for always being on the front, riding hard for his mates and making life miserable for the other teams.

-What got you interested in cycling and when did you start?

Well I was always cycling from a young kid, not in any kind of racing sense, but just for fun and generally getting into trouble. We also only had one car and my dad would use that to get to work, so we’d ride to school, to the park, to soccer, or track and cross country. I only got into racing after meeting two racers in Austin, Heidi and Craig. They helped me find a team and from there I never really looked back.

-What have you sacrificed for cycling?

In short? A lot. That being said, I never really looked at it as being sacrifices as such. It was what I wanted to do so… I just did it. Its hard being away from family all the time, and when I left Austin at 18 and moved to Belgium, I did miss a lot of my friends and family. The great thing about being in this sport for the past 12 years is that I’ve experienced things I had never expected, like travelling to places I might not have if I wasn’t in this sport. But most importantly I’ve made friends for life. That’s something I wouldn’t trade.

-What is your biggest achievement so far?

The nationals.

-Do you look up to anyone? Who, why?

A really good friend of mine back in Austin, Darrin Fisher. This guy has been through so much in his life and to see him where he is right now is something I find inspiring.

-What would a perfect 2010 season be for you?

It’s already been perfect, I really can’t complain. Winning in Japan really was special, and to get a Tour Series win was brilliant too. Also winning in front of my mum back in Texas in the jersey was brilliant.

– If you could invite 5 people to a dinner party (dead, alive, or fictitious) who would they be and why would you like to invite them?

I’d only invite three. My brother, my uncle and my grandfather. To have one more evening with them… Well I don’t think I’d want anything more.

-Do you have a significant other? How does the lifestyle of a cyclist affect relationships?

No, I’m single. That’s a pretty tough question. I think it affects relationships quite a bit, considering how much I travel and spend training. That being said some people make it work without too many issues. I’m just not one of them, haha.

-We’ve heard rumours that you wax your legs. Do you do it by yourself or go to a salon?

Rumours? People talk about this? Haha. I have waxed my legs before… I’d never do it myself, I don’t know how people do that.

-What does it mean to you to be British National Champion? Have anything changed?

Its the proudest moment of my cycling by far. And something I’ve wanted for so long. The biggest thing that changed is the recognition that I get; people wanting to talk to me, autographs, and people wanting thing from me. At times it’s been overwhelming, but I’d not change it. It’s been an amazing experience. And I look forward to winning it again!

-When there are many centimetres of snow outside, how do you keep yourself entertained on the trainer indoors?

Who said I’m not outside? Haha. I’ve got quite a decent collection of movies, so I just set the laptop up and watch them. If I’m doing something more specific, I’ll listen to music.

-What was it like growing up in Texas? How is it different from England?

Austin is a brilliant city. If I ever do have kids it would be where I’d want them to grow up, if I lived in the states.

There’s so many differences between Texas and the UK. To many to list and both have their advantages. Where my family live in the UK, you can drive to another country in an hour. Less even. In Texas, an hour and I’m not even to the next city. I can’t remember how many times the UK will fit into Texas, but well, you know! Space is obviously an issue. There’s just a lot more of it there!

-Do you have a favourite charity? If so, which one?

I’d have to say the prostate cancer charity. I’ve done a fair bit of work for them over the past year and a half, and its something that’s grown in importance to me. The team backs them now, as do our sponsors Sharp UK, who just completed the RAAM for prostate cancer. They did amazing and finished 3rd!!

-Why do you think it is so important for children to have the opportunity to participate in sport and play?

I think it’s very important. Look at the Bahatti foundation and what they are doing there. It really is great to see. You don’t have to go that far to see it either, giving kids direction through sport can teach them the discipline they’ll need to go further in life, as well as keep them out of trouble. If they decide to take it further and travel with it, it’s a brilliant way to see the world and see new cultures. It’s one of the things I love most about doing what I do.

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